“The poorest shack in which love prevails over a united family is of far greater value to God and future humanity than any other riches. In such a home God can work miracles, and will work miracles. Pure hearts in a pure home are always in whispering distance of Heaven.”
David O. McKay Church News, Sept.7, 1968
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


 Activities are a way to create fun for families and to help get gospel principles inside our family members - to internalize them.  For ideas using activities to "finalize" a month of gospel study, go here.  For information and ideas for "wholesome family recreation, go here.

Fun "anytime" activity to have ready for FHE.
Write the following activities on separate pieces of paper and place in a hat.  Have everyone draw one out in turn and do them!

Play 5 rounds of family “Pictionary”. Some possible words might be: family night, bishop, dad, mom, grandparents, work, atmosphere, etc.
Play 5 minutes of fruit basket – or basket of anything else (one less chair than people)
 Play one round of “scripture snapshot”
Lead everyone in your favorite exercise
Share with everyone one thing you have learned in the last three days
Lead everyone in your favorite song
Have a male quartette sing a hymn
Have a women’s choir do a verse of a song
Tell your favorite joke
Tell everyone about your favorite place to be
Lead everyone in a round
Share a favorite family memory
Play five minutes of “snort”
Share your favorite scripture story
Lead all the women in the young women’s theme while they stand on one foot.
Have all the men recite the scout oath while they jump up and down.
Tell an embarrassing moment about your family
Eat 4 soda crackers and whistle a tune
Play 5 rounds of “Where the Cold Wind Blows”
Throw a bean bag to someone and have them: (CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING)
    say something nice about the person to their right,
    share a favorite scripture, embarrassing moment, goal, dream, what makes them    
   happy, a  favorite food or joke, a favorite scripture story, a  favorite hero and why, 
   etc. Then have them toss the bean bag to another person so he or she can do the same.


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