“The poorest shack in which love prevails over a united family is of far greater value to God and future humanity than any other riches. In such a home God can work miracles, and will work miracles. Pure hearts in a pure home are always in whispering distance of Heaven.”
David O. McKay Church News, Sept.7, 1968
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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Significant Seven

The following list is helpful in raising children, and one way to help accomplish them is to create family committees. Click here for a description.

What Children need...

1. Adequate and capable
2. A contributing part of something bigger than they are
3. Power through individual effort to bring about change

1.1. Become self-disciplined
2.2. Develop communication abilities
3.3. Become responsible
4.4. Appropriately judge the world around them (right, wrong)

Steven Glenn


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